Atmos® | driKore® | ADSS | Loose Tube Optical Cables | Dual Jacket | Long Span | 320 m – 640 m

Standard buffer tube with 2-216f

320 m – 640 m

Aerial (Atmos®) | driKore® (Dry Core)

Quality & Approval
Data Sheet


  • Fiber Count up to 216f
  • The dry water blocking materials can easily be removed without the use of cable cleaning solvents, yielding significant labor cost savings
  • Suitable for all types of aerial lines
  • Rapid deployment
  • Installs on live power lines
  • Available for long, medium and short spans

Fiber Types

  • G.651 multi-mode fiber
  • G.652D single-mode fiber
  • G.655 NZDS fiber for DWDM applications

Full range of protections

  • Water Blocked

Full range of applications

  • Outdoor
  • Aerial

Optional protections

  • Track resistant
Quality & Approval
Data Sheet

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