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Our dynamic cable solutions originate from our innovation-driven approach, our rigorous quality control, and our in-depth experience with the evolving Telecom and Energy markets. Our custom-designed products are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials, in accordance with established international standards and country-specific customer requirements. The success and growth of our customers and our commitment to excellence is at the core of everything we do.

4SProducts Production Facilities

Our production is performed in state-of-the-art facilities measuring a total floor space of 1,600,000 sq ft (150,000 m2) and a site area of 4,413,000 sq ft (410,000 m2).

Quality Control | Quality you can Trust

All our cables are rigorously tested during all stages of production. Our tests take place in special labs and are conducted by a team of experts with the latest testing technologies and equipment from laboratories such Kema, TSE, IPH, Kinectrics, and TUV.

Production capacity 100,000 tons

Production capacity 100,000 tons


Production capacity 50,000 tons

Production capacity 50,000 copper tons

Aluminum Conductors

Production capacity 1,200,000 fiber-km

Production capacity 1,200,000 fiber-km

Fiber Optic


26,000 tons of steel wire rope


Production capacity 10,000,000 conductor/meter

Production capacity 10,000,000 conductor/meter

Copper Cables

Energy Cables

4SProducts’ L-VOLT®, M-VOLT®, and H-VOLT® energy cables are used in power cable grids and for building electrical installations worldwide. We provide the infrastructural solution that delivers uninterrupted energy supply to modern day towering structures with conductive capacity, reliability, and durability.

Within the Energy Cables production facilities, we manufacture all types of Energy Cables with Copper and Aluminum Conductors. The Copper and Aluminum Rods, coming from the Rod Production Unit, undergo the processes of wire drawing for the required conductor sizes.  From there on, the process of insulation, braiding, shielding, and sheathing is performed while adhering to the most stringent customer requirements.

Aluminum Conductors

4SProducts’ Aluminum Conductors are widely used in power cable grids as primary and secondary distribution cables, carrying electricity from the power stations to the point of utilization.  4SProducts manufactures Aluminum Conductors for overhead transmission lines.

Fiber Optic Cables

We manufacture Fiber Optic Cables for local and long-distance communication networks. They come in a variety of configurations. Depending on the purpose of use and application requirements, the highest quality fibers from Fujikura in Japan are deployed in direct buried, duct and overhead cables; according to customer demand and relevant international standards.

Telecom Copper Cables

4SProducts’ Telecom Cables with Copper Conductors are used in local communications networks worldwide, providing unlimited communication modularity and control due to their transmission capacity, technology, and performance.

Drop Wires

Drop Cables connect the subscriber’s distribution point(s) to external overhead distribution point(s). In addition to our standard Drop Wire Lineup, 4S also facilitates unique production runs for custom configurations, sizes, conductors, and designs.

Copper Wires

Copper Wires are utilized to connect final distribution terminals to the customer premise. They are manufactured to meet many world standards for both aerial and buried termination applications.

4S is a global leader in the wire and cable industry with more 40+ years of experience in manufacturing Low, Medium & High Voltage Energy Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, Aluminum Conductors and Telecom Copper Cables.

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