ALFOUR® | Outside Plant Copper Cable (Exchange Cable) | Aluminum Shield | Single Jacket | Air-Core

Pair Count 6 – 2400P

ALFOUR® (Telecom Copper Cables | Aluminum Shield  | Air-Core)


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Conductors: Solid annealed copper in 19, 22,24 and 26 AWG.

Insulation: Conductors are insulated with solid polyolefin, color coded in accordance with industry standards.

Twisted Pairs: Individual conductors are twisted into pairs with varying lay lengths to minimize crosstalk and specific color combinations to provide pair identification.

Core Assembly: Cables of 25 pairs or less are assembled into a cylindrical core. Cables larger than 25 pairs are assembled into units, which are then used to assemble the core. Units are individually identifiable by
color coded unit binders.

Core Wrap: A non-hygroscopic, dielectric tape is applied over the core assembly to provide protection for the core.

Shielding: A corrugated, copolymer coated, 8-mil aluminum tape is applied longitudinally with an overlap.

Jacket: A black, linear low-density polyethylene jacket is applied overall. The jacket provides a tough protective covering designed to withstand exposure to direct sunlight, atmospheric temperature changes, and stresses expected in standard installations.

Jacket Markings: Information such as manufacturer’s identification, pair count AWG, product identification and a telephone handset is printed at 2 ft. intervals on the cable jacket. Sequential footage markings are printed at alternate 2 ft. intervals.

Optional Designs: ALFOUR® cables are also available with an internal screen for use with carrier T1 systems.

4SProducts ALFOUR® cables are designed primarily for aerial use. In addition, they are also commonly used for buried applications. In an aerial application, the cable must be attached to a support strand (messenger). ALFOUR® cables, in 19, 22, 24 and 26 AWG, are capable of meeting the electrical requirements of 100 ohms, Category 3, Backbone UTP cables as specified in TIA/EIA- 568-A.
Quality & Approval
Data Sheet

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