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Drop Cable with 2f

Aerial (Atmos®)

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  • Fiber Count of 2f
  • Easy access to optical fibers
  • All dielectric design eliminates grounding and/or bonding
  • Rapid deployment
  • Single PE or HffR Jacket suitable for indoor/outdoor applicatons
  • Reduced diameter

Fiber Types:             

  • G.651 multi-mode fiber
  • G.652D single-mode fiber
  • G.657 Bend-insensitive single-mode fiber 

Full range of applications:

  • Outdoor, Indoor, Aerial

Optional protections:

  • HffR Outer Jacket
Our mini drop optical cable is used in the last portion of an all-optical network, such as fiber-to-the-home (fTTH) or fiber-to-the-business (fTTB) networks. Acts as a bridge between the distribution network and the subscriber premises.
Quality & Approval
Data Sheet

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