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DCWire®- NMS (Telecom Copper Cables | Copper Wires and Drop Wires |  Aerial Drop Wire)

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Single-pair, vinyl-insulated aerial drop wire designed for use in extending telephone circuits to subscriber premises by means of an aerial drop from distribution wire or cable.

Conductors: Two 22.0 AWG (0.64 mm) solid annealed copper conductors serve dually as conductors and strength members. Optimized tensile breaking strength and elongation assure superior toughness against ice loading and impact from falling ice-coated tree limbs and other mechanical shocks.

Insulation: Each conductor is insulated in high-density polyethylene in distinctive colors that serve as both insulation and jacket.

Core Assembly: Individual conductors are carefully twisted into pairs in a manner to minimize resistance unbalance.

Ripcord: A Non-Hygroscopic ripcord is placed parallel to the core to facilitate jacket removal.

Jacket: A black, weather resistant, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) jacket is extruded over the ripcord and strength members to protect the core from mechanical damage, degradation by sunlight and ingress of moisture.

4SProducts DSWire-NMS cables are designed for extending an open wire line or distribution cable pair from a pole and/or cable terminal to a building.
Quality & Approval
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