m-VOLT® | XLPE Insulated | Double Steel Tape Armor | 3 Core | Aluminum Conductor | 18/30 kV or 19/33 kV

CODE: YXC8VZ4V-R | NA2XSEYBY |AL/XLPE/CTS/PVC/STA/PVC |   R: Stranded Conductor Rigid

STANDARDS:  IIEC6502 | BS 6622 | VDE 0276


Quality & Approval
Data Sheet


1. Stranded aluminum conductor.

2. Inner semi-conductive layer.

3. XLPE insulation.

4. Outer semi-conductive layer.

5. Semi-conductive tape.

6. Copper tape screen.

7. Filler.

8. PVC inner jacket.

9. Galvanized double steel tape.

10. PVC outer jacket.

11. Cable Summary

Cable Summary

Max. operating temperature: 90°C

Max. short circuit temperature: 250 °C

Rated voltage: 18/30 kV or 19/33 kV

Min. bending radius: 15 x D

D = Cable outer diameter

These are cables with low dielectric losses used in energy networks with sudden load changes. Laid in residential or industrial areas, underground or in ducts where mechanical stresses are expected.
Quality & Approval
Data Sheet

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