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Standard buffer tube with 2-288f

Terra® (Buried)  | driKore ® (Dry Core)

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  • Fiber Count up to 288f
  • Suitable for aerial and duct applications
  • MDPE jacket for low friction installation
  • The dry water blocking materials can easily be removed without the use of cable cleaning solvents, yielding significant labor cost savings
  • Lightweight with small diameter
  • Excellent handling characteristics

Fiber Types

  • G.651 multi-mode fiber
  • G.652 single-mode fiber
  • G.655 NZDS fiber for DWDM applications

Full range of protections

  • Water blocked

Full range of applications

  • Aerial
  • Duct

Optional protections

  • HDPE jacket
  • Rodent resistant
  • Dual Jacket / all-dielectric
  • Single jacket / single armor
  • Dual jacket / single armor
  • Dual Jacket / dual armor
  • Triple jacket / dual armor

Typical parameters

Number of fibers

Up to 288


12.3 mm (0.48 in) to 21.5 mm (0.85 in)

Cable weight

109 kg/km (73 lbs/kft) to 300 kg/km (202 lbs/kft)

Max. bend radius

20 x cable O.D.

Max. working tension

2700 N (600 lbf)

Operating temperature range

-40 °C / 70 °C (-40 °F / 158 °F)

Above figures are nominal values; actual production dimensions and weights may deviate slightly from the indicated figures above.

Lightweight outdoor fiber optic cable designed for aerial (lashed) and duct installations.
Quality & Approval
Data Sheet

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