4S Aluminum Conductors: Super quality cables always delivered on time

4SProducts manufactures and delivers high quality Aluminum Conductors for overhead transmission lines and energy distribution systems. Our Aluminum Conductors are widely used in power cable grids as primary and secondary distribution cables, carrying electricity from the power stations to the point of utilization. 4SProducts aluminum cables and conductors have been tested by leading renowned laboratories such as Kinectrics, Elkabel and Kema. 


AAC – All Aluminum Conductor

Mainly used in urban areas where spacing is short and supports are closer. 

It can also  be used in coastal regions due to its high degree of corrosion resistance.


AAAC – All Aluminum Alloy Conductor

The AAAC is the  conductor of choice when compared to AAC and ACSR.

It is used in aerial circuits that require a larger mechanical resistance when compared to the  AAC. It also has better corrosion resistance when compared to the ACSR. 


ACSR – Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced

Mostly used for overhead transmission systems. It has a high tensile strength combined with lightweight properties, suitable for extra-long spans (less support required).


ACAR – Aluminum Conductor Alloy Reinforced

Mostly used for overhead transmission systems. ACAR offers  high strength and ampacity due to its good strength-to-weight ratio.

 Aluminum conductors are known by codenames and differ depending on dimensions.

Cables sizes are available in AWG, and MCM/Kcmil.

Standards: ASTM, BS, IEC, etc.