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All you need to know about the ADSS Cables

ADSS Features and Benefits The All-Dielectric Self Supporting Cables – known as ADSS Cables – have a dielectric (non-conductive) nature, which in turn, eliminates the need for bonding and grounding. They do not need external reinforcement and messenger wires to support them in between poles or electrical towers. Another benefit is that the ADSS Cables…

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Galvanized Steel Strand IS HERE!

4SProducts is excited to announce that the Galvanized Steel Strand, manufactured specially for our cables, is now available and has been added to the 4SProducts line. The 4S Galvanized Steel Strand’s homogeneous coating process has demonstrated outstanding anti-corrosion properties, resulting in a smooth external surface and a glossy outer appearance. Why do you need Galvanized…

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Fiber Optic Cables: Which one do you need, Gel-Free or Dry Core?

In general, most loose tube fiber optic cables are available in either Dry-Core (DriKore®) or Gel-Free (EzKore®) constructions. To choose the cable that is right for you, it is essential to understand its features and benefits. In the past, Gel was used inside buffer tubes to protect the fibers against moisture. Today, Gel has been…

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