Galvanized Steel Strand IS HERE!

4SProducts is excited to announce that the Galvanized Steel Strand, manufactured specially for our cables, is now available and has been added to the 4SProducts line.

The 4S Galvanized Steel Strand’s homogeneous coating process has demonstrated outstanding anti-corrosion properties, resulting in a smooth external surface and a glossy outer appearance.

Why do you need Galvanized Steel Strands?  

  • They assist with the aerial suspension of telephone and fiber optic cables.
  • Installed together with overhead conductors in order to provide electrical protection; also called grounding in the case of lighting.

“We have the following Galvanized Steel Strands available:”  

  • Various diameters and wires per strand – 7 strands being the most common in Telecom applications.
  • Various breaking strength grades: Utility, Common, Siemens-Martin, High-Strength, and Extra-High-Strength (EHS).
  • Class A, B and C coatings .

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